Looking for Restaurant City Answers/ Tips/ Tricks? Don’t Go Any Further Til You Read This!

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There are plenty of game guides out there these days – or maybe that’s just me. Not even when the games yet to get popular, a whole swarm of game guides hit the web to assist people to “play better”. In my opinion, it’s just a total waste of time and I had never checked any of them out personally before. What’s the point of playing a game if you need a guide to tell you of what to do next?

But, of all game, I caught in the heat of playing Facebook Social Game, particularly the Restaurant City. Honestly, I did not expect it to be so addictively fun! Com’on, who would? It is just a plain silly restaurant simulator. Guess what, here I am a few weeks later; I log in religiously EVERYDAY as soon as I am back from work. But, the thing was, I did not play well. What I mean is, the Restaurant City coins I earned was pathetically less, as I spent most of the time doing what I think is right, though.

That really pissed me off. I was on the verge of giving up. But, I was thinking to myself, “Well, why don’t I see what those EXPERTS out there say, hmm...” Hence, I went out there, searching for some useful guides. Nothing really caught my eyes though as what they claimed to be useful are what I had already known.

Then I came across the newest Restaurant City guide out there – Restaurant City Secrets – I was interested to see what Restaurant City tricks it shares. I wanted to know whether it is as “helpful” as the writer claims to be. At the back of my head, I skeptically think I would not get anything out of it. This guide really blown me away, because it is everything I was not expecting it to be!

This Restaurant City tips that it revealed has changed how I play Restaurant City; even more than I thought was possible. In fact, it helped a LOT. I had been having trouble searching for new ingredients and wondering which dish to choose, but this guide told me EVERYTHING! It includes information on which ingredients to gather, place to go to look for temporary friends to gather ingredients that I needed. Speaking about high speed GP gathering, it saved me lots of time as I had a pair of Level 10 dishes in only a week time!

Anyway, before I drifted too far, the idea is this – Restaurant City Secrets works! It is a piece of awesome guide for anyone that is a fan of Facebook games, especially Restaurant City. If you’re serious about playing well, don’t miss this Restaurant City Answers or  Restaurant City Tips or Restaurant City Tricks (whatever you call it is ;p) !

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